Completed with the latest equipment like: piezotome, endodontic microscope, inhalosedation device, dental laser, digital radiology and the expertise of an enthusiastic and dynamic team of doctors in continuous improvement, we are confident that we can provide a full range of dental services, at the highest level.

CAD CAM Cerec Sirona

CEREC (ceramic reconstruction) is a method that uses the CAD/CAM technology for creating computer aided dental restoration.

This technology allows the construction, production and introduction of individual ceramic restorations directly in the medical office, in a single session, unlike other technologies that require multiple meetings.

Inhalosedation Unit

Administering a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide can eliminate the ANXIETY and FEAR that certain patients feel before dental treatments.

It is fundamental that the nitrous acid doesn’t exceed 70% of the mixture.

Sedation is a treatment administered by the dental professional to make the patient feel better and relaxed.

Endodontic/Surgical Microscope

An indispensable tool in endodontics.

The microscope makes the difference between saving the tooth and extraction.

There are 4 major advantages of using the microscope:

Accuracy: significantly enhanced viewing.
Safety: quality-assured treatment.
Double comfort: ideal ergonomics for the medical activity.
Saving time and money: no extra treatment sessions.


An ultrasound device designed for hard tissue surgery, pre-implant interventions used in sinus lifts and split crest.

Digital Radiology

The newest dental radiology system from Vatech Samsung!

Pax-I and ESX with EZsensor.

The advantages of digital dental radiology: 90% reduction in the dose of radiation compared to classic radiology.

Laser Whitening

The action of the whitening lamp is based on cold light, to avoid damaging the tissues and enamel.

The whitening effect is spectacular, being able to lighten the teeth, on average up to 8 shades, but you can reach up to 14 shades in 3 sessions of 10 minutes.

Remarkable results are achieved in the case of stained teeth due to smoking or consumption of highly colored substances as tea, coffee or red wine.

It works even when in the case of tetracycline stained teeth or fluoridation.

The technical characteristics of the Beyond Whitening Accelerator lamp are:

  • It uses the most advanced Light Filtration System, ensuring full comfort and safety for the patient.
  • The ultraviolet light and the heat are filtered through a protected optical lens and over 1,200 optical fibers.
  • The halogen lamp has an output of 150 watts and the blue (cold) light issues a 480–520 nanometer wavelength, allowing you to obtain spectacular results in very short time-frames.
  • It acts at lower temperatures than other same category lamps, thereby reducing the risk of teeth sensitization.