Special offers

Dentys is looking to meet its patients’ needs with promotional offers designed to stimulate an impeccable oral health and hygiene, regardless of their age or social background. The medical problems in the oral-maxillofacial area can affect the quality of life and can cause various complications, in some cases very serious.


Our mission is to provide professionalism, hygiene and maximum comfort, individualized attention, respect, discretion, communication, and responsibility. A competent team that combines experience with dedication will always provide quality dental services.

Dental tourism

Many patients choose to combine a more complex dental treatment with a vacation and do so by coming from countries where dentistry is practiced at much higher prices than Romania.


For us, every patient is unique. That’s why we offer comprehensive medical services resulting from the efforts of a team of medical specialists, benefiting in this way of a personalized and carefully planned treatment, according to individual needs.

We have created a pleasant and friendly environment, so that patients, doctors, and nurses feel comfortable and at ease. The concept of this clinic started from the idea to satisfy the most demanding requirements in the field of dentistry so that each branch is represented by one or more medical specialists in all fields.


This smile was created by the team of doctors from the Dentys Clinic Oradea: Pojoca Sorin, George Dobos, Alexandra Cristina. At 40 I am very happy with my teeth. True white, pure white! I congratulate you for the professionalism! Many hugs!

Natalia, Italia

Professionalism, passion and relaxation. They have a wide range of services. I even brought my kids here, and they feel safe and secure.

Karinna, Oradea
Karinna, Oradea

I would like to thank you for your dental services (veneers, implants, ceramic inlays). I found a pleasant environment in your clinic, and a team of professional dentists.

Rebeca, Oradea
Rebeca, Oradea